Corps at the Crest

Tomorrow i’m going to a snare camp in Ocean Side. I’m really excited but at the same time i’m REALLY nervous. I’ve borrowed equipment from my school and it’s definitely NOT the best equipment out there. So i’ll be around a bunch of other snare drummers and they’ll probably have really nice Dynasty drums that are shiny with awesome harnesses and i’ll be floppin’ around like a whale with my drum.

I just really hope I learn something from it all. Whether it’s technique improvement or a brand new practice schedule. I don’t think any of you understand just how passionate I am about drumming. It’s a second language for me, something I do when i’m pissed, lonely and all those negative things. 

I just hope I come home that much better and smarter so that when band camp starts, I can share what I’ve learned and hopefully improve my entire school’s line as a whole unit. 

It’s definitely going to be a new experience for me because i’m used to seeing all these drum corps activities on YouTube and snare websites. But now I get to be surrounded by drum corps junkies for 3 days and then I get to finish it off with Corps at the Crest. It’s going to be really exciting. 

I just hope it all goes smoothly. I really appreciate my mom paying for it, seeing as though my family is preparing to pay for a wedding that is less than a year away. I can’t tell them how much I appreciate this. 

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